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Bi-Directional Static Load Testing (BDSLT)

Loadtest is the exclusive provider of O-cell testing equipment and services worldwide.

As deep foundation elements and individual projects grow larger and more complex, Loadtest delivers answers critical to long-term performance. The O-cell was developed to meet the construction industry’s need for an innovative method to test high capacity piles. Recognizing this need, Loadtest introduced this unique method of deep foundation testing. Through our network of regional and global offices, we have been involved in numerous world class projects in over 60 countries. As a direct result of O-cell technology and Loadtest, many ultra-high capacity piles are being designed today.

Pile capacities exceeding 30,000 kips (130 MN) or more are becoming common. Twenty years ago such piles were rare. Loadtest has tested numerous piles over 30,000 kips and holds the current world record of 72,100 kips (320 MN). Load tests to over 100,000 kips (440 MN) are easily obtainable. The ability to test these mega-piles is critical to their safe and efficient design.

Loadtest possesses the world's largest international load test database and the knowledge that comes with twenty years of experience. We leverage this knowledge to help design the optimal load test program and ultimately the most efficient deep foundation for the project. This helps to manage geotechnical risk; a true benefit to project stakeholders. No one else in the world offers a similar advantage. In addition to load test design, Loadtest can provide a Sample Guide Specification and assistance in the specification writing process as needed.

Other deep foundation testing services include:

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