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Other Services

Loadtest provides a wide range of ancillary services directly and through other offices and affiliated companies. The extent of our services vary in different regions around the world. Please contact a Loadtest regional manager to discuss your needs.

Top Down Testing
Loadtest offers a wide variety of top load testing equipment and services. We provide jacks and instrumentation and full testing services for traditional top load tests. Typically others provide reaction systems.

In the East, we can often provide more options including automated testing, assembled reaction systems, analysis software and specialized equipment.

Loadtest developed the SONICaliper to better characterize the 3 dimensional shape of drilled shafts and other excavated deep foundation elements. Drilled shafts for example are rarely ideal cylinders and irregularities can affect capacity and design. Loadtest leases the SONICaliper or performs the caliper for a fee. On Loadtest projects the caliper service is offered at no charge. Learn more at www.sonicaliper.com

PDF SONICaliper Services

One of the most exciting new technologies developed by Loadtest is the RIM-Cell. The RIM-Cell is a relatively inexpensive Quality Assurance tool.

The RIM-Cell can be embedded in a single pre-determined test shaft or in multiple shafts where only some are ever tested. A bi-directional proof loading is performed with full load-displacement information by using the shaft itself as part of the pressure vessel.

The RIM-Cell can also be used in a post stressing capacity. The advantage over other systems is full verification of the pre-stressing and proof loading results.

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Lateral Load Testing
Loadtest offers a wide variety of lateral load testing equipment and services. We provide jacks, spherical plates, load cells and instrumentation as well as full testing services for lateral load tests.

Split Lateral Modulus Testing
Loadtest also provides full scale modulus testing. O-Cells are embedded in a drilled shaft or other element perpendicular to the shaft axis. Loads are applied in the lateral direction and the two shaft halves are expanded into the soil or rock. Expansion of each cell is maintained equal by varying the load applied by each cell. Analysis of this test is more complex than analysis of a traditional lateral load test. Consult with Loadtest for additional information and suitability.

PDF Split Cylinder Lateral O-Cell testing

Deep Foundation Integrity Testing
Loadtest has years of experience performing CSL testing and analyzing CSL data. Directly or through affiliated companies Loadtest can provide a variety of deep foundation integrity testing services and analysis.

Instrumentation Monitoring
Loadtest has years of experience monitoring data locally and remotely. We use the best data loggers and instrumentation available to deliver superior data to our clients.

Deep Foundation Consultancy
Loadtest has the world's largest consistent database of load test results. Loadtest has also collected vast experience covering all aspects of deep foundation construction and design on over 1,500 projects. This powerful combination makes us uniquely positioned to provide a valuable consultancy for a variety of complex deep foundation projects.

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