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Top Down Testing

Completely Automated Static Load Tests
The monitoring and quality of Static Load Tests has been significantly enhanced in terms of safety, reliability and accuracy of the results by the automation of:

  • Measurement and recording of pile settlement and applied loading
  • Control of the applied load
  • Controlled change of load subject to preset criteria

Each system consists of load and displacement sensors, a microprocessor based data logger/controller, and a hydraulically operated device for application of load. The equipment is capable of measuring and recording the load automatically during a test at pre-set intervals of typically 1 minute, to a resolution of 1 kN and pile deflection to 0.01mm respectively. The system automatically checks for continued safe operation every 2.5 seconds, making any appropriate corrections to the hydraulic pressure in the jack to maintain the load to within very tight tolerances. The equipment is powered by a rechargeable battery and is designed to be easily transportable. A computer can be used to monitor the load and deflection rate for immediate analysis, either locally or remotely, without interrupting the test. The data may be presented on screen in tabular and graphical forms and printed results can be readily obtained, making reporting easy and fast. Over 3000 computer controlled loads tests have been carried out.

The testing service can be provided with or without a clients reaction system.

Ready Assembled Reaction Systems
Loadtest offers a range of reaction systems providing safe and rapid assembly to anchor piles for the load testing of foundation. Added safety is achieved by minimising the number of connections between the reaction system and the anchor piles and ensuring that they are at a level that is easily accessible from the ground.

Analysis Software
Proprietary computer programs are used for analysis of pile load/settlement characteristics resulting from several years of research into pile behavior.

Subject to accurate and sufficient static load test results, such as those provided by the automated equipment, the displacement/time data can be modelled to project to the final settlement at each load and the significant pile/soil characteristics for a specific site, together with elastic shortening, developed skin friction and end bearing capacity.

Specialized Equipment
We offer a wide range of hydraulically operated jacks and manual and pneumatically driven pumps and accessories suitable for operation up to 700 Bar.

Several different electronic load cell configurations are available for a wide range of loads.

We have a range of reaction system designs from which to choose from, these can be manufactured locally or delivered complete. These systems are available for purchase or for hire as required.

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