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Range of Quality control and Assurance Services

Fugro Loadtest provides a wide range of ancillary services. The local services vary in different regions around the world. Please contact your local Fugro office to discuss your needs.

One of the most exciting new technologies developed by Fugro Loadtest is the RIM-cell. The RIM-cell is a relatively inexpensive Quality Assurance tool.

The RIM-cell can be embedded in a single pre-determined test pile or in multiple piles where only some to be tested. A bi-directional load test is performed with full load-displacement information by using the cross section of the pile itself as part of the pressure vessel.

The RIM-cell can also be used for post installation pre-stressing. The advantage over other systems is full verification of the pre-stressing and load test results.
PDF RIM-cell Services

Split Lateral Modulus Testing
Fugro Loadtest can also provide full scale modulus testing. O-Cells are embedded in a bored pile or other element perpendicular to the vertical axis. Loads are applied in lateral directions and the two pile vertical halves are expanded into the soil or rock. Expansion of each cell is maintained equal by varying the load applied. Analysis of this test is more complex than analysis of a traditional lateral load test. Consult with Fugro Loadtest for additional information and suitability.
PDF Split Cylinder Lateral O-Cell testing

High Strain Dynamic Load Testing
Fugro Loadtest can assist with Pile driving analyses and high strain Dynamic Load Testing as well as pile driving prediction with WEAP both onshore and offshore.
PDF Pile driving analysis
PDF Dynamic load testing

Foundation Consultancy
Fugro Loadtest has the world's largest database of bi-directional load testing results. Fugro Loadtest has also collected vast experience covering all aspects of deep foundation construction and design on over 1,500 projects. This powerful combination makes us uniquely positioned to provide a valuable consultancy for a variety of complex deep foundation projects.

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